Friday, 29 January 2016

Royal discover India tours Pvt. Ltd. gives you a glorifying tour experience of the Incredible India, to explore and know more how one can do that, continue unfolding the truths furnished below...

There would be many who can promise you an adventurous and a delightful tour as they only aim for that, however; at RD India Tour, we do not aim on making your trip to India as just another tour to a country, making you see some old forts, heritage sites, or natural sites as these can be done by any ordinary group organizing your trip. Thing which makes us extraordinary and look different from others is our broader view at looking and promoting the tourism in India.

We at RD India believe in not only providing you a wonderful and comfortable tour experience, but we look at making your trip to India as a place of witnessing a country with imprints of a 5000 years old civilization which is still standing firm on its basic grounds as one can easily see the people of this country believing and actually living the tradition being followed by their ancestors since ages. We look at India as a site for witnessing the diversity not only in the cultural and religious beliefs but also as a wider site to explore a rich and splendid flora and fauna, nature and habitual diversity and a place where one can see the almost all geographical and environmental factors lying on a single dimension plain where we have the Indian map drawn. Beginning from the top, we have the Himalaya covering the entire northern and north eastern region of the country where one can easily take a halt to experience the divinity and some rare adventures of their lives. The northern states include Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and others where we have our major attracting tour sites which is a mixture of observing the rich and prosperous historical side of India as well as being a part of the holy aura by visiting the temples of Hindu Gods along with Buddhist Pagoda’s and some beautiful mosques and churches of North Eastern India.
You get to do the best adventurous activities while doing the north Indian tours while includes bike or motorcycling tours, mountaineering, hiking, mountain camping, river rafting and many others.

Once you have pumped up your body muscles and done with all sorts of breathtaking thrills in the mountains of Himalaya, we take you to Himalaya but with a more soothing and relaxing effect this time as we will take you through our yoga, spa, meditation and ayurvedic treatments that helps in healing all the physical and mental sores of on your body and soul. The central and major western part of India is meant for someone who loves to watch the royal lifestyle and becoming a host of a unique and really splendid hospitality, and spend time watching and exploring the sand ocean on your desert rides viz. Camels, with beautiful architectural stands reiterating the stories of the Indian Royal Families (Maharajas), experiencing a five star royal facility while travelling on the “Palace on Wheels” watching some Big and Wild cats roaring in the national parks and forest reserves of India along with many other rare and beautiful creatures of the almighty God. South Western and Eastern India is a reflection of their very unique cultures of the rulers of their respective cities as you get to see a huge effect of Portuguese culture in Goa. The churches, prisoner homes, beautiful beaches, sea foods and even their recipes have a pretty clear image of Portugal Culture and lifestyle. Spending the weekend at Goa or attending a buffet at the Hotel Taj Mahal in the business capital Mumbai, home of Indian Cinema Bollywood is an unbeatable experience in itself. The unique spiritual and cultural belief of Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), the lovely and exotic taste of the Bengali Sweets makes it a place worth to visit at taste the love of eastern India.

Watching the sun set at KanyaKumari in Kerala, “Gods own country” situated in the south of India is a once in a lifetime experience as it is considered to the site of inspiration for Swami Vivekananda. South India is surely a heaven to discover, along with all this, the enchanting experience of an overnight houseboat cruise in the picturesque backwaters of Kerala is surely a sparkle sprinkled on the bouquet.

Our knowledge on these historical, cultural, natural, architectural, and splendid tour sites across Indian borders is a result of a collage created after a rigorous research and fact finding that we promise to share with you, throughout your journey so that it’s not just the outer beauty of a site that touches you, but you also get moved with it historical, mythological or actual truth behind the cause of its existence and thus separating us from other tour organizers in India.

RD India Tours give you an opportunity to cherish the warmth of bring wrapped in the love and cultural prosperity of India,a place to rejuvenate spiritually and an easy getaway from stress, to boost up your life with the best picked tour packages by our expert planners. We promise to make you a witness of best of Indian architecture, nature, culture, colour, music, art everything that interests you while your trip to India.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Discover India in a Royal Way

As named “The Golden Triangle Tour” covers up the most visited and much liked exotic travelling destinations from the north India. With the glorious historical stand, Eternal picturesque scenic beauty, vivid lifestyle and cultural prosperity, the Golden Triangle Tour embeds the entire tour experience so deep within your memory that you carry along lifetime and leaves you with a smile on your face and satisfaction from within.

Being a witness of the very old, rich and magnificent history of Mughals at the Red Fort in Delhi, Taj Mahal in Agra, Jama Masjid (the mosque in Old Delhi) is indeed a real great experience in itself. Moving along with the triangle wandering in old markets of Chandani Chowk, Jaipur and Agra gives us an opportunity to taste the vivid culture of India across these very cities. Different way to look and live the life, different cultural and religious beliefs, diversified dressing and lifestyle and the taste bud tickling dishes from these places can make any one a fond of the diversified culture that tends to change after almost every couple hundred kilometers throughout the tour.